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Sindh Politician threats public Video Footage

Sindh Politician threats public Video Footage 

Sindh Politician threats public Video Footage

Raheela Magsi wife of Mir Nadir Khan Magsi, showing the real face of feudals affronting humanity by doing appalling act.. Must watch and share to expose their real face.

I dont think PPP or Sindh Govt would do any thing.Poor sindhis desrve that because for generation they accepted slavery from Waderas and political parties, If they wanted to end their humiliation they could have done it. Where are the Sindhi National Parties now? When sindhis are being humiliated, they just want to have their share of the cake?

Watch video:

Actually our fate is in the hand of 80% these illatrate and forced, bound voters, that we cann’t defeat fuedls in Pakistan. when voting will come they all will go and vote for their masters. . A big struggle can only bring Pakistan out of this situation. otherwise this FIRHONY mentality is every where in Pakistan.This lady and Wahidah shah or Nawaz family is only out in picture due to new technology. Now they will be trying to find who is the culprit that taken this seen in camera.

Users Comments:
my message to all Pakistanis who support Nawaz sharif and Zardari just watch this clip and shahbaz daughter’s clip and tell me they also want their sister, mother or relative to be disgrace and treated like animal ???? i dont want to say anything else just one thing … for Allah sake please dont put your and our kids future in hell …. dont sell your zameer just for few thousands rupees …. one day you have to answer front of Allah … please speak truth and accept it. Allah forgive our sins ameen

Raheela Magsi Wife of Mir Nadir Ali Magsi
PS-40 Kamber Shahdadkot II (old Larkana VI)
Current Posts     Minister: Food
Party Affiliation     Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
Father’s/Husband’s Name     Mir Saifullah Khan Magsi
Date of Birth     1958-11-08
Languages     Sindhi
Religion     Islam

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