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Short Film on Marriage Couple till Divorce

Short Film on Marriage Couple till Divorce

Short Film on Marriage Couple till Divorce

London: The Early marriages to disturb the peace of home in London and the divorce rate is increasing day by day. It has to think a major concern of the civil society of London and the people on it seriously, the work is so slow toxin. University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom has made an important research on it.

In London, the divorce rate is much higher than in other cities of the United Kingdom to compare and research at the University of Cambridge has the main reason found. The skeptic nature of women is the main cause of the unsuccessful marriage. It annoys man more than anything else, which eventually ends at separation.

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To address this problem, the Civil Society of Great Britain a short film, so that people such things, which avoid to end their marriage. The focus of the short film about the side effects of early marriage with skeptics nature of women, plays a crucial role to end marriage.

A man sitting on a bed thinking about something while his wife was busy in reading fashion magazine. The woman watching man strong and in and out and watched him. Once their patience level was finished, she asked the man what he thought. The man told her that he is worried about the future.

This answer was not enough for the satisfaction of his wife and asked him the name of the girl who caught his spirit. He shocked to hear this and told her that she thought dead wrong. He was not interested in all the girls, but the skeptic nature of his wife was her leave to trust him.

The request of Ms. away, the man angry a lot and finished it about the fight between them. The purpose of this short film was to spread awareness of women to avoid irritating husbands. Hopefully it will married couples living in London, helping each other to live eternally happy.

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