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Shopkeeper misbehave badly of his Mother Age

Shopkeeper misbehave badly of his Mother Age
اس بے شرم دکاندار نے اپنی ماں کی عمر کی عورت کیساتھ جو گھٹیا حرکت کی دیکھ کر آپ کا خون خول جائے گا

Even as showing her cloths , he consistently teasing her secretly.A shopkeeper is an individual who owns or runs a store . Sometimes called a “Storey”. Most often, retailer staff aren’t shopkeepers, but are continuously incorrectly known as shopkeepers. At larger companies, a shopkeeper is regularly referred to as a manager , because the proprietor is not in a position to manage the industry being a unmarried shopkeeper, so this time period may observe to greater companies (in particular, multiple retail outlets) usually and be a separate duty.

Shopkeeper misbehave badly of his Mother Age

Shopkeepers may take care of their own unbiased nook save or run a franchise store on behalf of a retail chain. In contrast to retailer managers who on a regular basis paintings for a big store, shopkeepers will usually have overall duty for a store. Unbiased shopkeepers include (however aren’t restricted to) grocers, corner stores, newsagents, butchers, bakers, booksellers, florists, and antique dealers.

A shopkeeper might serve shoppers at a counter and perform other tasks similar to taking consumer bills, giving modification, serving to customers and wrapping items and purchases. As a rule shopkeepers are answering purchaser’s enquirers, giving recommendation about merchandise to consumers and taking note of shoppers’ needs and requests, which can indicate new gross sales opportunities.

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