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Shocking Video Young Boy Performs in TV Show Must Watch

Shocking Video Young Boy Performs in TV Show Must Watch

A little boy runs shocking act in a live morning show and stunned the audience, including the host. The boy was given a platform to his talent, the world and the host of the show Sahir Lodhi gave this golden opportunity to show him. He took the opportunity and the primary objective of which to reach millions of viewers his talent.

Shocking Video Young Boy Performs in TV Show Must Watch

The boy was a dancer, but not like other classical or disco dancer. He has the talent to perform robot-dance without damaging parts of the body. The flexible body parts of the dancers allowed him to move like robots and tool arms and legs backwards.

He amazed the audience when he formed his neck backwards to 190 degrees. Nobody can the neck, in order to form 190 degrees and survived without any kind of damage, the boy survived.

When asked about forms of the neck, he said that his flexible body parts and continuous practice allowed him to easily do from the public. It took practice to mold the neck gradually backwards otherwise the risk factor is further added much later, the boy in so stunt.

Sahir Lodhi, the actor and presenter of television, appreciate the stunning robot dance the boy and encouraged him to represent the country on a bigger platform. The host invited him to the show in order to show his brilliant talent world, because he knew that the boy just needed the right platform. The boy did not disappoint at all.

Famous singer and dancer Michael Jackson introduced robot dance in the world for the first time and still no man can he dance. Many dancers try to copy him, but did not get that much success because robotic dance is the hardest, without performing flexible body and practice.

Watch Clip:

Now each dancer is still trying to like Michael Jackson dance and somehow gets recognition from the audience, because they know that it is not easy, like robots dancing. The boy did the same act but pressing or turning the neck backward was the new thing for the spectators.

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