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Shocking Video Reham Khan Intended To Give Poison Imran Khan Must Watch

Shocking Video Reham Khan Intended To Poison Imran Khan Must Watch

The veteran journalist of Pakistan Arif Nizami claimed that former Imran Khan’s wife was plotting to overtake Imran Khan and his party and was about to assassinate him.

Shocking Video Reham Khan Intended To Give Poison Imran Khan Must Watch

Hours after the confirmation of separation between the couple who had been in the limelight since the day of their wedding, the prominent analyst has revealed quoting intelligence agencies that Reham Khan had mischievous intentions. He said that in the light of information fetched by Intelligence agencies from the internal affairs between the couple, Reham was conspiring against Imran and about to poison him. He claimed that Reham’s attitude towards her husband [Imran] was quite severe to the extent that she was inclined to abusing him.

The sole intention behind such an acts of Reham was to take over Imran and surpass him in politics as well. As stated by Arif Nizami while talking on a TV show, the divorce officially performed via email after Reham’s reaching London on Friday. It has also been claimed by the famous analyst that there is a financial settlement between the couple in order to part ways.

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Meanwhile, a number of speculations have been surfaced to address the reasons behind the divorce soon after it has officially confirmed.

Previously, the well-known analyst along with Ghulam Hussain, who is also a mature and prominent analyst, had predicted that the couple was going to split. Interestingly, it was Arif Nizami who broke the news of their marriage when no one thought what Imran Khan was up to.

Ghulam Hussain has also revealed about Reham’s character regarding her first marriage life as well as the second one. He exposed, accusing Reham of being a cruel lady who used to scold as well as beat her previous husband and she also tried to do the same with Imran Khan.

In the light of statements by these two highly experienced political analysts, Arif Nizami and Ghulam Hussain, the revelation of the separation was to be made after the local bodies elections. However, there must have been some solemn and grave situation erupted between the couple in recent days that led their relation to the climax and Imran let all hell breake loose, as stated the analysts.

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