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Shocking Video God’s Fury Burns Down Church Must Watch

Shocking Video God’s Fury Burns Down Church Must Watch

The terrible fire tornadoes in Australia show the wrath of Allah Almighty, as he promises to those who do not destroy his orders to obey. The major fire amazed people as there are no flammable what was available. The abrupt fire in forest amazed the local people and they started looking for a quiet place running.

Shocking Video God’s Fury Burns Down Church Must Watch

Rare and terrible firestorm in Australia caused significant damage and created an emergency situation for many days. The thirty-meter high fire swirl devoured thousands of trees, while the rising temperature forced the inhabitants to migrate towards the safe places. The various fire whirls had different intensities and sizes, while the vertical direction she made of miles visible.

According to an eyewitness, there were three different tornadoes, it just kept going for 40 minutes by view was overwhelming and the length and diversity were surprisingly. “Rescue teams from public announcements and asked the people to leave their homes, as directly the density flame was the creation of suffocation in the area,” he added.

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Meteorologists had already informed people about the possibility of the natural disaster. In addition, they state that the fire vortex occur when hot, strong winds, the thumping often come through trees, in contact with already fierce bushfire. The hot air captures the fire and almost present strong winds and makes strong vortex that contains flammable gases. Fire tornadoes are rare and very mysterious phenomenon, the underlying causes are still unknown, and scientists are trying to find out the reasons.

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  1. As somebody who captured probably the most famous fire tornado ever here in Australia readers must understand that this story is totally made up. It contains phrases from various stories piled together to attempt to create a new “truth”. If it is in Australia why do all the voices on the tape have American accents? Why are their two quite different buildings supposedly the same “Church”, in fact it is not clear at all that either even is a Church. Also if multiple fire tornadoes came in from the “forest” where is the forest in the photos and why is nothing else burnt around the buildings? I urge readers to search the internet to find this so-called “story” from another country other than Pakistan and especially try to find one from an Australian news source. You won’t, because it never happened. This is the lowest form of journalism and I feel sorry for Pakistan if this is what you are being fed by so-called “news”-sources in your country. Peace to all.

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