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Shoaib Akhtar Mocking Pakistani Players Kapil Sharma Show

Shoaib Akhtar to India was mocking national players

Mumbai: Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar national players in the program, including the Indian cricket board was mocking.

Shoaib Akhtar to India was mocking national players
Shoaib Akhtar to India was mocking national players

Siddhu begins the show and talks about how India has beaten Pakistan for six times in the series, and he was on the last trip to the 2015 World Cup, the sooner then feels Kapil and welcomes Shoaib Akhtar – Rawalpindi Express and Harbhajan Singh – Turbanator. Harbhajan and Shoaib come on stage with Bhangra tune. Kapil speaks Siddhu at the invitation Shoaib and Harbhajan together for a long time, and he was able to realize it, as the day came. He starts to have conversation and begins with Shoaib first. He asks why Shoaib Pakistan loses to India in the World Cup ever, while in a dayers (regular ODIs), which is not the case. Shoaib answers that will in World Cup team to take nervous and also a lot of pressure from India. Siddhu steps in and talks about the recent loss that Pakistan cricket team in the world and shares cup’15 faced a couplet. Harbhajan also shares a verse that Siddhu on his laughter, beauty and happiness compliments.

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Kapil chats with Harbhajan and Shoaib continues. Harbhajan share an anecdote about moments on the field as to be taken by Shoaib during his bowling in various parts of the body instead of the Wicket and deposits calling laugh. Kapil then speaks with similar English skills that Pakistan’s cricket team and suggests to the understanding, as far as the team was able to bring lighter note speak smile. Next, Harbhajan shares an anecdote, as Inzamam got out in both cases – do not stop the ball and it was on the pad; and stop the ball when someone throws it. He was declared by the referee both times. Later, at the press conference Inzaman speaks not understand why he was in both cases from – bring stopping and no stopping laugh. Dadi marked their entry on mobile and begins talking to a young guy Babblu will learn cricket and needs a bowling coach. They informed him the first time that Bhajji is an apt choice. Dadi tells him that she taught the doosra as he used to get in the first (PEHLA) Bhajji. This brings smile on Harbhajan face.

Dadi then learns that a fast bowler instead of a spin bowler needs and then proceeds to ask the name Shoaib further forward and refers to him as Shobu. It opens up then Babblu as taught Shoaib runs in after taking a wicket. She describes Shoaib standard running scene and repeated it another time. Dadi soon discovers Shoaib there and teases him by. Loafer (Luccha in Hindi) She continues to supplement it in the usual way and even spoiled him. Soon discovered that Bittu Dadi is wearing a pair of personal belongings in a bag and find out. He finds a small plastic water containers and other articles with her and pulling her leg. Harbhajan signed an autograph on Dadi the water tank. She then takes a long underwear / boxer shorts and opens it, to Inzamam on lighter note. She asks Shoaib to give her the autograph on it quickly, as Inzamam looks come at any moment. Shoaib signs followed on from Bhajji. Dadi holds things back into the bag and leaves when cycling.

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