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Sheikh Rasheed Exposed His First Love Girl Friend

Sheikh Rasheed Exposed His First Love Girl Friend
شیخ رشید پہلی بار اپنی محبوبہ کے بارے میں بتاتے ہوئے جذباتی ہوگئے،جس کی وجہ سے آج تک شادی نہیں کی انہوں نے،سنیں

His political career started on the village platform the place he may try to garner strengthen from the local population alongside other speakers. Sheikh Rashid and his generations would possibly frequently fail at this try to it has been said that they weren’t smartly favored in the villages for not working out the basic problems.


Later, he was the chief of Opposition inside the Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi. He was first elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan in 1985 common elections as an self-governing candidate and joined Pakistan Muslim League a. He used to be as a result of this fact re-elected MNA for six times. Right through October 2002 elections he used to be once elected from two seats as an independent candidate however misplaced one seat the place he attempted to get his nephew re-pick out in by the use of elections. The constituency is traditionally a stronghold of Pakistan Muslim League and in final by means of elections Nawaz Sharif issued governmental ticket to a unknown employee who defeated him even supposing standard allegations of rigging and manipulation were seen. He later won the elections from the same constituency in 2013 normal elections.

.He additionally has a one brother in London referred to as Ejaz Ahmed who is a journalist for a widely recognized newspaper and who has additionally conexamined elections on the provincial level. In a interview in 2012, Shiekh Rasheed had considered his nephew Fahad as being a ‘budding and inspirational’ kidager who would be able to replicated ‘electoral successes’ in NA fifty five paying homage to his uncle in future.

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