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shameless insult scene Morning Show by Shabir Jan

یکٹر شبیر جان نے لائیو مارننگ شو میں ندا یاسر کی بے عزتی کردی اور شو چھوڑ کر چلے گئے، ویڈیو دیکھئے۔

Insults Scene in Morning Show by macho man

Insults Scene in Morning Show by macho man

Morning Show Female Host Nida Yasir Leaves the Show due to Insults by Shabbir Jan

In beginning of the show, I thought that the host is shameless as she was asking too sick questions and insulting Shabbir Jaan but in the end learnt that it was Producer of the programme who forced her to say these questions. Shame on this and this kind of channels.

Shame on us. We try to emulate shameless indians without considering the huge difference between our culture and value system and theirs.

There should be a real code of conduct for these channel based on our values.

But who will do that as all our institutions are only bothered about their vested interests.

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No ethics in TV channels these days ! At least respect the seniority and professional experience of Shabbir Jaan !

Also, mazaq is only good between the people of same level. If anwar maqsood or suriya bajia or attiqa odho or bushra ansari would have done this with shabbier jan, i am sure he would be okay with it …. but when do-numbry juniors starts doing such stuff …. that’s a complete turn off !

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  1. nida k sath aisa hi hona chiye aisa hota hai morning show

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