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Shameful Incident Of Fake Saint Watch Clip

Shameful Incident Of Fake Saint Watch Clip

No one can imagine how heavy heart, written during these lines. Another case is reported, another shameful incident, the life of another daughter ruined. Who is responsible? The ignorance and blind faith of their parents? The cursed evil fake saints or the people took the helm of affairs, the oath of the protection of life and human honor?

Shameful Incident Of Fake Saint Watch Clip

This tragic news has shaken the country as parents led her daughter to such penalty. They believed that they possessed by evil spirits and sent them to a self-proclaimed saint. The Cursed beings was no less than an evil spirit himself when he raped the girl and took a hidden camera footage to blackmail them. Check out his heinous act itself.

There is no doubt that these evil spirits are always near and black magic can happen to anyone. Even our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had to suffer again, but then Allah Almighty gave two Sura (Al-Nas and Al-Falq) to counteract these evil forces. If we now go this fake saint and a cheat, it shows how weak is our faith and belief in Allah last message and messenger.

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This unfortunate girl’s parents are equally responsible for how it ruined their lives. She was so scared that she always sealed her lips. However, if these Jaali Peer started blackmailing her and forced her to visit him, she decided to cry out, revealing that the vile pigs. She contacted ARY “program” Sar-e-Aam “and asked for help.

An undercover operation was developed and the team began these fraudsters in the act. Later this fraud police was passed. Reportedly, an FIR has launched against these scammers to life. We can only hope that these fake saint will be held accountable, while maximum punishment. It must be a terrible example for others.

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