Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Shameful Act Of Taliban’s Mistreating Girls Watch Clip

Shameful Act Of Taliban’s Mistreating Girls Watch Clip

The day of December 16, will always remain in Pakistan’s history as a black day in memory. This day was so painful that we totally forgot that the PTI is a fan and who is PMLN fan. It was the time to come forward, the political questions to be a nation.

Shameful Act Of Taliban’s Mistreating Girls Watch Clip

The nation also the reputation with full responsibility and kicked the cancer of terrorism. The story also started back in the year 2000, when at the beginning of the new century war against terrorism. Against this war on terrorism, there was no TTP, no Taliban, no suicide bombings and no drones. Seems like this war against terrorism was the mother of all evils.

Well, the cancer has widespread all over the world. Pakistan is an important victims of this fight against terrorism. More than 70,000 Pakistanis have so far lost their lives. Those who have survived are not living with a free spirit.

According to Islam all these TTP guys who are themselves Muslims and jihadies nothing but the Hellhounds. They call themselves as Muslims and to kill children and innocent people. This does not make sense. A Muslim and kill Muslims currently not makes sense to every Muslim in the world. This is what the anti-Islam or the enemies of Islam tend to do so. If you want to know the true Muslims and true followers of Islam are then want to look at the Pakistani forces.

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The latest developments of the armed forces of Pakistan after 16 December incident have the TTP shocked. They were under the estimate Pakistani army. This is the reason that the two offenders who were hanged yesterday, asked for her life moments before the execution. This time, their act of cowardice she has put into serious trouble. Pakistan’s armed forces and civilians are united against it.

This time of death on them, and when they cross the border, or even if they dig a hole under the ground miles. The only thing they should be protected from the wrath to come against them, to shoot through their own hands. This time, Pakistan Army has decided to kill every one of these TTP cockroaches.

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