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Scientists experiments How Human Soul leaving Body

Scientists experiments How Human Soul leaving Body 

سائندانوں نے انسان کو زندہ کرنے کا تجرہ کیا تو کیسے ہولناک نتائج سامنے آئے؛ کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں
Some scientists have shocked the world conducting some weird experiments on human soul. It has been noticed that medical experts and scientists have been trying to overcome on the soul and nature since very long. Sometimes they have done very bad things which have also surprised the world.

Scientists experiments How Human Soul leaving Body

All over the world, medical experts have been trying to do many things which need to stop at very urgently. Such things are against the nature and can become a big problem for the coming generations. Unethical experiments of human cloning were also started on humans after getting success on the animals. However, a large opposition all over world has forced to stop them.

According to some analysts, during the whole period of our life, we come across with multiple joys and traumas. Trauma has the ability to creating openings in ourselves and also can leave us in the state of susceptible. According to experts like physiologist and neurologists some entities can attach to the souls and physical bodies. It is also said it can also have ability to create contracts with the bodies without noticing us.

Those specific units may cause corporal and emotional issues that sometimes also make it difficult to attain health back. Actually man also has been very complex in his nature and no other creation in this world can meet with this masterpiece. When it talks about the science it also has progressed so much and even has reached to the moon and up to Mars.

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