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School College Students Activities misbehaving outside

School College Students Activities misbehaving outside

ویسے تو بچے سے میٹرک کے سٹوڈنٹ لگتے مگر حرکتیں دیکھو والدین کو ایجوکیشن میں بیٹیاں بھیجنے سے پہلے دیکھیں

Some Unethical activates of London college hostel students have become shame for an educational institution. The Students were living in hostel and were spending time in the college sitting room and were found misbehaving with each other. A male friend was actually trying to scare his female colleagues and was found very unethical.  She started to check the pockets of shirts and got some rupees from the shirt. She did not put those rupees back in the shirt’s pocket and slipped away from home.

School College Students Activities misbehaving outside

When the owner of the house wore his shirt and checked his pocket, he found nothing in the pocket. He got amazed he had valuable money in the pocket for some purpose. When he was tired to find the money everywhere, he decided to check it by CCTV footage. He was amazed to see his maid doing this wrong deed. He saved the whole video in his mobile and called to his maid. He asked her politely about money but she started to shout at him.

A Sometimes parents got confused as where we should rate to technology as what it has role in our overall life. When it talks about the facilities it seems as blessing form the god but when it talks about the other things which leads to our new generation to wrongdoings then it leaves some other remarks in our minds. Being parents, people have been confused at this track. So he called to police and showed them the whole video which was made by CCTV camera.

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