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Say NO to Corruption funny Video on NAB Messages

Say NO to Corruption funny Video on NAB Messages

Corruption is a word that we hear every day and sometimes it is happening near us. But we stand quiet and then at the end face its repercussions. It is so much alarming that it ruins the whole society and then country. Nations and generations suffer from its destruction. It actually starts from upper level and then silently hit lower level people as well. Some people do work only on the basis of bribe and this is the foundation of corruption. In every field there are few honest people left who say no to corrupt system.

Basically Pakistan is a developing country and many people live below the poverty line. These people want to get their rights but no one listen and considers their problems. So they also take bribe whenever they get a chance. Clerks are also involved in corruption. This also creates a difference in which corruptors take all the edge in the form of money and the poor people deteriorate and remain poor all life. The one who have links and they are influential, they don’t let people stand against them. In this way development of country stops.Because most of the people are involved in wrongdoings.People hesitate in doing work and wants to get more and more money.
Say no to corruption and bribe.

The country in which people thinks only about their own perk are the ones who are affecting the whole society. People should think collectively to resolve the issues so that not only rich but also poverty-stricken people are given their rights. If you see anyone doing corruption they just take a stand and reveal his deeds. If he is punished then the next time no one is able to do corruption.

Say No To Corruption Song

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