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Saudi Male Tailor Measuring Female Watch Clip

Saudi Male Tailor Measuring Female Watch Clip

Usually in the world female Schneider take the measurement of women. Prefer to go in the Western women female Schneider instead male Schneider. This is what ethics say and beyond women feel comfortable when female tailor it measures up to their towels down.

Saudi Male Tailor Measuring Female Watch Clip

Video was captured when male Schneider in Saudi Arabia started to measure girls to sew her dress. Some people outside the store by Schneider were sitting in the car. They took those moments together with the name of the tailor shop and uploaded to social media.

It has become so very famous all over the world in just one day. Saudia is strictly country, when it comes to Islamic laws and people around the world and in Saudia ask you to take up this incident. So far, Saudi Gov has nothing to say about himself.

Watch Clip:

This was unexpected for the people throughout the world that with these stricter rules in Saudia people will dare to do so. But we can only do, this is not the debt. Girls and women also are the culprits. If Gov is to take action, then they should ask the ladies.

Both women should be questioned. Why did they go to male Schneider and when there were no female employees, to accommodate them. Then investigation should be carried out by Schneider, why did he take from women when there is no female staff.We should stay in border, whatever we do business.

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