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Sar-e-Aam Team Raid Guest House Hidden Camera Report

Sar-e-Aam Team Raid Guest House Hidden Camera Report
صرف 15 ہزار دو لڑکی لو کراچی کے گیسٹ ہاؤس میں کیا کچھ ہورہا ہے لڑکے نے کیمرے سے ویڈیو بنا لی؛ بچے نہ دیکھیں

Iqrar ul Hassan raids over guest houses in Karachi when he heard from somewhere as some guest houses are running some illegal business there. He firstly activates his team for this task and collects all information about the guest houses. He found it right as some guest houses were running illegal business in city of Quaid.


He then decided one day to come out all those guest houses in front of people. He firstly gets that rickshaw person who knows their body language. They picked female from shrine of Quaid and she started to guide them for safe place. She also told them as they would also get many females if they would like to get more.

They all were silent and waiting for the destination as they were very near to devastate their illegal business in the form of guest houses. When she reached there in the guest houses, all were amazed to see Iqrar ul Hassan and started to warn them. According to Iqrar ul Hassan when they did not deviate from their warning they started to call influential people.

In the end, they were on their feet and stared to request as they would never do it again and requested for forgiveness once. One of them started to vow as she came there for cleanliness and nothing else. One woman was started to weep loudly and started to give vows as they would never do it again.

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