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Sand Winds dubai chasing cars and person

Sand Winds dubai chasing cars and person
معجزاتی ویڈیو: ریت کا طوفان روضہ امام حسینؑ کے پاس آکر رک گیا

Very well known sand winds chase to person who were come there to enjoy exactly that wind in Dubai. They were on their vehicle and making video of that sand wind which is very famous regarding its bad behavior. According to some visitors it terribly treats to those ones whose come in its way.


In the video you can see how visitors were on the vehicle and making video while running fast their vehicle. It was as fast as driver has to move fast his vehicle even at full speed. Fortunately there was no other vehicle on the road due to which they did not face any trouble while driving vehicle.

Talking about visitor faculty of people in Dubai, it is increasing day by day on daily basis. People got two advantages when they come in Dubai. Firstly they establish their business there and secondly they get enjoy while playing at seashore.

Fortunately, Dubai states including other six states are very fateful as it has very sincere leaders who are ruling over there. The people of those states are also very lucky in this regard. They were nothing in 1970s when they found as they had lot of oil in their soil.

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