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Salman Khan cry while talking about Amjad Sabri

Salman Khan cry while talking about Amjad Sabri

سلمان خان نے ثابت کردیا کہ اس کے اندر بھی ایک مسلمان رہتا ہے- ویڈیو دیکھیں اور شیئرکریں

Salman Khan is one the famous and top star comedian in the whole world in Urdu speaking people. People love him and know him due to his profession. He is often called abroad for his various performances as people like him very much. He even goes in India where people also have hatred for Pakistanis and they do not like Pakistanis.

Salman Khan cry while talking about Amjad Sabri

Nevertheless, Indian producers are forced by their own people to call Salman Khan due to his extraordinary talent. Amjad Sabri was also one of them in this country and other Muslim countries around the world. He was also often called abroad for his performances. He was the son of Farid Sabri who was very famous Qawal.

Wasim Badami took on air to Salman Khan on the sad event of Amjad Sabri, he was weeping badly. He had no words to say on air in the respect of Amjad Sabri. According to him, he had lost his one of best friend and brother. He was condemning to those who were responsible for this event. He was also asking for government as what they were doing for the welfare of normal citizen.

According to him, he never pumped and show when he used to come in different shows. He always sat everywhere he found place to sit. He was very simple in his life style. He never behaved like super stars and always had respect for others in his heart. Salman Khan kept weeping while talking over features of Amjad Sabri.

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  1. Very Sad New on Amjad Sabri death.

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