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Saher Lodhi Insulted by Live Caller on Vulgar TV Ad

Saher Lodhi Insulted by Live Caller on Vulgar TV Ad
دیکھئے لائیو کالر نے ساحر لودھی سے جوش کنڈوم اشتہار کے بارے میں کیا کہا کہ ساحر کے ہوش اڑ گئے
Beloved television icon/radio host Sahir Lodhi occupies a distinctive position in Pakistani media.He’s the pro of multi-tasking. Writer, actor, producer & host all rolled into one.


The Sahir Show (Geo Ent.) is an outstanding entertainment talk show, there is a perfect balance of wit and heartfelt emotions in his show. Sahir is a talented interviewer and has done in-depth hours with extraordinary men and women of politics, business, sports, literature, art & entertainment. These conversations provide viewers, accessible profiles of the people who have influenced our world. His show tend to glorify the traditions and values of Pakistani people, and focus on Common man & their problems in particular. Each evening The Sahir show introduces new people, explore fresh ideas, and illuminate important issues prevailing in society.

His radio show on fm103 is a huge success.It is not just a show it is an addiction. The show includes counselling sessions,entertaining segments and the music. Sahir keeps content of the show very close to the daily life of people, listeners truly feel at home with him.

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