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Safari Park Lion attacks eat Lady tourist

Safari Park Lion attacks eat Lady tourist
استغفراللہ1 دیکھیں لڑکی کے شیر نے کیسے چیتھڑے اُڑا دئیے، ہولناک ویڈیو کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Lion attacks over one of female tourists in Safari Park when she was enjoying in the Safari Park. She was very energetic and doing something different from other people. She was trying to show her excitement in different ways as she was also disturbing to wild animals.


Some security officers also asked to her parents as they need to ask her to save herself from wild animals otherwise something bad could be happened. She again did the same and did not put ear on their advice. Their responsibility was only to warn her and then they were free.

However they again asked their parents as she would definitely lose something from her body as she was behaving with lions and other wild animals. They were busy with her parents when they heard some voice of screaming. When they reached there they saw she had been trapped by lion.

Lion was over her and she was crying beneath the lion. People were trying to save her but it was impossible. Many of them were out of her as it was lion not the dog. People also had danger from the lion as it could attack on them so they also saved their lives and their children.

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