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Russian Baby Miracle ALLAH’s Name on Body

Russian Baby Miracle ALLAH’s Name on Body
الله اکبر! جس سرزمین پر قرآن پاک جلایا گیا وہیں بچہ جسم پرقرآنی آیات کے ساتھ پیدا؛ پوری دنیا سے لوگ الله کا معجزہ دیکھنے پہنچ گئے ویڈیو دیکھیں
Allah is the word used by Muslims on daily basis they are found saying Allah all the time. Word Allah is Arabic word for the English word God. Muslims are found saying that we use word Allah instead of God because God is only one and Arabic word Allah cannot be changed into Plural or cannot be turned in words like God father, God mother, Tin God and others coined terms .

The very first miracle of Islam is its message of declaring the oneness of God. This is miracle because it can unite all the Muslims, Hindus and People belonging from different religions as each and every religious scripture on the face of the earth is simply holding one common teaching that God is only one.

The miracles of Allah and Islam include the message of tolerance throughout the life. Each individual is taught and advised to practice doing good deeds and avoiding the bad deeds till last breath. These good teachings bring improvements in one individual and society. Miracle of Islam is that it tells how to achieve the state of bringing peace to the society.

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