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Reason behind Taiwan Plane crash, Black Box taiwan plane crash Taipei river

Reason behind Taiwan Plane crash, Black Box taiwan plane crash Taipei river

A TransAsia Airways flight crashed into a Taipei river shortly after takeoff Wednesday with 58 passengers on board. Dashcam footage from cars on a bridge beside the river captured the plane going down. Dozens were either killed or missing.

Black Box taiwan plance crash
Black Box taiwan plance crash

It was the second of TransAsia’s ATR 72 to crash in the past year. Last July, a flight crashed in stormy weather while attempting to land on the island of Penghu, killing 48 people and injuring 10. Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration on Wednesday ordered local carriers to ground the nation’s 22 ATR 72 planes pending inspections.

More than half of the 53 passengers and five crewmembers aboard Wednesday’s flight, en route to the outlying Taiwan-controlled Kinmen islands, were from China. Relatives and friends on Kinmen, which is close to China, gathered at the airport to await news.

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At least 25 people were killed when a TransAsia Airways plane clipped an overpass soon after take-off and plunged into a river in Taiwan. There were 53 passengers and five crew members. Two children are also believed to have been on the plane.


• 16 survivors had been pulled out of the wreckage but officials admit they are now “not optimistic” about finding more.

• As the rescue operation continued into the night, a crane lifted the rear and central sections of the plane from the water, with one body retrieved from inside. The front part, where 17 people are believed to be trapped, was still in the water,

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Dramatic video footage emerged showing the TransAsia Airways plane clipping a bridge as it came down shortly after take-off from a Taipei airport.

The plane, carrying 58 people, broke up as it plunged into Taipei’s Keelung River. The fuselage was later salvaged by crane.

There were 15 survivors pulled from the wreckage but 12 people remain missing.

John Sudworth reports: “This is no longer a rescue mission, but a recovery operation”

Television footage showed some passengers wading clear of the sunken wreckage and a toddler being pulled out alive by rescuers.


Emergency teams cut open the plane while it was in the water but were unable to reach the passengers trapped in the front section of the fuselage.

As night fell, a crane was used to lift the wreckage on to the bank. The death toll was expected to rise as rescue teams searched the fuselage and the river for the 12 missing passengers.

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