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Reality Behind drop their new born baby from height

Secret Behind drop their new born baby from height
ہندوؤں کی بچہ چھت سے پھینکنے کی شرمناک رسم۔۔۔ کمزور دل حضرات ویڈیو مت دیکھیں۔۔۔!

Horrible act of Hindus complied when they were busy to drop their new born baby from height. According to resources, it was their ritual to drop the new born baby from height. According to Hindus’ belief, child never faces bad incidents in their life by doing this. They did it in the presence of their religious leader and they cannot do it without their leaders. There are many other rituals of Hindu community which are being practiced at large.

Reality Behind drop their new born baby from height

They never tried to know about the reality of their rituals as they have taken all rituals from their forefathers. Some of them also have been abolished due to coming well awareness. The new generation does not believe on their old concepts or rituals and they did not like to do it.  Even in this progressed era, there are also some nations living in this world who do not want to leave such deeds or rituals which do not make any sense.

In the given video, you can see as people are watching to a new born baby which is very near to drop form height. According to beliefs of Hindu, it would create some extraordinary abilities in the child. People do it when they get new child in their homes at large number. They have no authorization to do it by their own. They have to come at that special place with the presence of their spiritual leader.

For example, in Hindu community females were showed their love to their husband by having fasts for them. However, now days, wives of recent era never do it for their husbands. There is also another ritual which is very famous and is also shown in their movies. In Hindu community, people used to cut the throat of young calf with a jerk due to which calf gets out of life in seconds. In the next interestingly, they never eat meat of that calf and caste it for animals.

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