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Realities of Class Student Lovers Behind Camera

Realities of Lovers Behind The Camera Watch Clip

A student coincided with an ugly and very rude girl at his class. She was the craziest girl in the whole university because of rude attitude. But for her lover, she was the queen of his dreams. He used to defend them in any formal and informal meetings of friends. His way of defending the girl was sometimes had went to extreme idiotic behavior. The college boy was shown in an illustrative video material by a group of his friends at college.

Realities of Lovers Behind The Camera Watch Clip

It was not the boy who was only to defend or advocate his lover in college. If we look at the society in which love someone falls today with someone the same thing would do. The introduction of mobile, Internet in society has brought in children, among many other wrong things.

The society and youth are wasting their time in the life of dreams with her lover. Falling in love is more important for a youngster than his education. The youth has forgotten everything in life and lives in her fantasies ever. They recognize their mistakes, wasting time when it is too late for them. When they left nothing to lose even more.

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Not only the Internet and mobile phones has become a dangerous factor in effecting the youth, but the media played an important role. The youth presented their time in love and lovers relationship to the charms of life of media.

The youth must be educated and advised on these matters by the elders of the society. You need the importance of their future to be legalized as a lover in the present. Someone in Love for a few days in happiness can spend with a girl, but in the life unsuccessful.

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