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Real Face of Indian Army what did in Kashmir

Real Face of Indian Army what did in Kashmir

It all began on the after-noon of April 12, when a 16 year old school-girl was molested by an Indian army officer while going to a toilet next to her school. It was located close to a bunker of the 21 Rashtriya Rifles, placed in the center of the street.


The desperate screams of the minor girl alerted people in the surrounding market and very soon, an infuriated crowd of unarmed locals had gathered, protesting the molestation of the minor girl and demanding the arrest of the army man. However, the troops in the bunker started indiscriminate firing, killing two young men and a woman and injuring at least two dozen other unarmed civilians.

The Handwara Police took the girl away as soon as the people started gathering and placed her under custody at the Handwara police station. Later that day, after the deaths of three innocent people, a video of the girl filmed by the Jammu and Kashmir police surfaced online, exonerating the army. The video, that received thousands of views online, was extensively disseminated by the Indian army, the J&K police, and television channels.

However, the other side was not presented until the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) was approached for legal assistance. The minor girl was taken into custody, without any elder, and she was allowed no legal counsel before they took her statement. Neither did they attempt to properly conceal the identity of the girl for her protection.

The statement of the girl, obviously filmed under undue influence and threat was coerced in addition to which it was legally unjustifiable also. The girl was kept in police custody and her father was summoned at 1 am on April 13 to the Police station to take his daughter back. He was asked to bring an extra ‘pheran’ along with him. The father, who was disallowed from accompanying his daughter to record her statement with the magistrate, later explained how his daughter was coerced, harassed and even spat on.

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