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Real Face of Indian Army Must Watch

Real Face of Indian Army Must Watch

Indians are always boasting about their condition and show it as a developing country, which is on the way to a superpower. But to become a superpower or leader of the world, the money and the lust of power is not the only thing.

Real Face of Indian Army Must Watch

Society needs education and equality of human rights. In India, the Indian citizens do not have the basic human needs are met, and neither they treated as equal citizens of the state. The Indian Muslim suffering from this problem.

The Indian parliament and courts ban beef for consumption. This is a clear violation of human rights of the State, who calls himself as a secular state should show as one. And we know that in a secular state, everyone has the right to practice the religion.

It was Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Muslim leaders in the era of 1947, the Hindus and Muslims can not live together. The Hindu psychology is to not let the Muslims live peacefully in India. That was the reason, when the leader asked for a separate state for the Muslims and gave victims a free country.

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Now people who live in India and are are Muslims know the value of freedom. You are always in danger of their lives and property. The Muslims are always threatened by Hindu extremists in the recent violence and a Muslim family was killed by the Hindus and he was claiming for eating beef. This is a disgrace, and the world should do something about the violation of human rights in India.

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