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Rat Bomb made by Iranian blast a house

Rat Bomb made by Iranian blast a house
یہ خبیث چوہے کو زندہ آگ لگارہے تھے دیکھیں وہ اسی کے گھر گھس گیا اور پورا گھر جلاڈالا بیشک الله ظالم کو فوری سزا دے ڈالتا ہے

The youth not only generate problems for themselves by doing corruption in organizations they work, rather they make such decisions in early age which later make their life difficult because early results of efforts are demanded by the youth and hardly the desired results they achieve so simply depression is what they become victim of.

Muslims are found at the top of the list in doing corruption because Muslims have stopped reading their religious book Quran in the language they understand best it is Muslims who are found clearly involved in the major sins despite of knowing the fact that doing such major sins makes God annoyed.

Corruption is done among the people of all the age because evil deeds and devil is an open enemy for all the human beings so rebellious attitudes of people are observed from all the age group. Youth mostly is found doing corruption as it find itself in many societal pressures in which their desires are suppressed. Corruption is also being done by using the name of God and his messenger.

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