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Rap Song Boss Me Ne Ap Ko Bola Kya Hai

Rap Song Boss Me Ne Ap Ko Bola Kya Hai

Waqar Zaka has remained plastered all over our Instagram Newsfeeds and Facebook Timelines due to his infamous Snapchat video, concerning a girl he saw at a local cafe. It was a matter of minutes that the guards who accompanied the girl beat the crap out of him and this is how the video went viral on social media. But, what more went viral was Mr. Zaka’s catchphrase; ‘Boss Maine Apko Bola Kya Hai?’

While what happened with Waqar Zaka was particularly a bit over-stretched, this case was another example of the VIP culture gotten out of hand. But, no matter what happens, social media never leaves out the chance to make fun and here are a few examples of that:

Boss Maine Apko Bola Kya Hai is funny yet catchy, rap melodious yet ear popping, but it succeeds to take a jab at VIP culture in the subtle yet remarkable way. The security guards who went all bossy on Waqar Zaka have been mocked and rightfully so. Apart from the catchy tone, this song definitely fulfilled our cravings for a good rap we have been wanting in Pakistani music since a long time.

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