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Ranbir Kapoor car over Journalist accident onspot

Ranbir Kapoor car over Journalist accident onspot


New Delhi: The Kapoor son has once again shown his anguish side and this time it happened just outside his new nest at Carter Road in Mumbai. The actor who is mostly known for his calm and composed attitude once again lost his cool over a media person. Ranbir and Katrina for weeks are in news for their new house where they have shifted together. And paparazzi are craving for their single glimpse around the new address, but this has not gone down well with the ‘Besharam’ actor.

The incident took place just a couple of days before when the duo was at the doorstep of their new home and a cameraperson tried to click them together.
Ranbir as soon as he realized the mischief, he chased down the person who seeking the anger of the actor disappeared from the spot leaving behind the camera and other equipments.

Ranbir may have failed to catch hold of the media team but he did manage to get his hand on the equipments. The actor has been quite stubborn over questions raised about his relationship with Katrina Kaif. Months before he even replied rudely to a journalist quoting, “Mind your own business” over the similar quiz.

On the other hand, his cool temper is no more is support of him. Last year in December, Ranbir got involved in a brawl for a similar kind of incident where post party at Bandra he snatched the camera from a journalist when he tried to capture him under lens.

He even misbehaved, refused to return the camera and even challenged for a car race. The event left all others present there with their jaws open.

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