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Qismat Baig Sister Video Message leaked Murders

Qismat Baig Sister Video Message leaked Murders
لاہور میں ماری جانیوالی اداکارہ قسمت بیگ کی بہن ستارہ بیگ کا ویڈیو پیغام سامنے آگیا

LAHORE: A strong command over dance may have set Kismat Baig apart from her contemporaries but sadly, the story of her tragic end is one we have heard many times now. Shot eight times by unidentified armed men on her way home on Thursday, Baig is now amongst a long list of stage actors who have suffered similar fates, including Sangum Rana, Yasmeen, Karishma Shah, Naina Nagina Khanum and Nadra.


Baig ventured into the industry about eight years ago, while living out of a rental in Harbanspura with her two children, aged mother and sister Sitara. The family was in dire straits and barely had any money or food to support itself. Theatre was a quick solution Kismat and Sitara opted for, hoping to make ends meet.

As luck would have it, both sisters went on to become one of the highest-paid dancers in Lahore. Kismat, in particular, became known as the ‘dancing doll’ of the city, performing in theatres across the region, including Faisalabad, Multan and Gujranwala. Little by little, the dancer built up her assets and eventually, managed to purchase properties in some posh locales of Lahore. She also released a few CDs of her performances and was in the middle of negotiations to work in Pashto films as well.

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