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Qandeel Baloch insult by media on Mango T-shirt

Qandeel Baloch insult by media on Mango T-shirt
قندیل بلوچ کی لائیو شو میں اس حرکت پر سوشل میڈیا کی سخت تنقید

Qandeel Balcoh again gets disrespected when she joins one of comedy talk show in which two hosts join her in the show. Everybody knows about the interests of Qandeel Balcoh as she is no more special for everybody who belongs to little to social media.

Qandeel Baloch insult by media on Mango T-shirt

She always seems to be busy with social media and to engage that new generation who are new in using social media. She is the biggest fans of her those followers who do not know about media and celebrities. She is totally misguiding to her followers unfortunately.

Firstly, it is understood by some people as she is a celebrity and working in Pakistani Drama Industry but it is cleared as she is the competitor of Mathira in her own specific industry. Both celebrities also have met in one program and have had very ferocious fight between each other.

People also take her as a funny stuff and never put her at serious nodes while watching and listening her saying in talk shows or on social media. She has been started treated badly due to her cheap behavior with the people. She also sent some message to Shahid Afridi which was not good.

According to watcher, she tries to get attraction of people but she has been failed badly in this context. So she still seems in this effort to give disputed statements so that she can remain in the headings of facebook or social media. She is some sort of confused personality which needs to be check by some psychiatrist.

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