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Qaddafi Son Prince turns into unlucky destiny

Qaddafi Son Prince turns into unlucky destiny
دنیا کے عیاش ترین مسلمان شہزادے کےعبرتناک انجام کی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Here we are going to share with you a story of lucky man as how his destiny turns into unlucky which would be surprising for everyone. It is the story of that man who was considered in the world’s richest and most effective personalities. He was also the lived in that country which was rated at third position regarding its oil production in the whole world.

Qaddafi Son Prince turns into unlucky destiny

He was also second powerful personality of Libya. He was such a powerful and most influential personality as when he was in London he saw a house. It was very beautiful house and it fascinated him too much. He did not wait a second and purchased that house at the spot in 100 million pounds.

If we count that amount in Pakistani rupees then you would get its sum as more than 100 billion rupees. Furthermore, he celebrate his 37 birthday in Europe and got world’s expensive gift in his life. He was also got honor from British Prime Minister and was also stayed in British guest house whenever he went there.

He was the son of Colonel Qaddafi from Libya who spent his worst days after attack on Libya. He even could not get treatment from cheapest hospital because he was wanted by his countrymen. He even could not get stitches over his fingers which had been fractured during different incidents. He had been started to live worst days of his life when rebellion had been erupted from within country.

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