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Punjab Police boys Goat Robbers Caught by Villagers

Punjab Police boys Goat Robbers Caught by Villagers
عید سے پہلے پنجاب پولیس بکرے چوری کرنے میں لگ گئی،گاؤں والوں نے پکڑ لیا تو ان کا کیا حشر کیا،دیکھیں

In a village , a few brave villagers stuck a few Punjab police officers who have been robbing goats. The Punjab Police  is chargeable for policing  in the province of Punjab , Pakistan . The challenge of the Punjab Police is prevention and detection of crime, upkeep of legislation and order and enforcement of the Charter of Pakistan. With more than a hundred and eighty,000 lively members.The Punjab Police played an important section in dealing with the refugee concern of 1947-48.

Punjab Police boys Goat Robbers Caught by Villagers

It endured as a separate group until 1955 whilst it was merged with the police of different provinces to create the West Pakistan Police. The DIG West Pakistan used to be Inayat Ali Shah. DIG East Pakistan and DIG West Pakistan used to report to 1 IG which all through the decade of the Fifties was once Qurban Ali Khan.

The brand new law introduced public responsibility within the form of Public Safety Commissions at district, provincial and nationwide level. The Police Order 2002 also supplied for an independent Police Proceedings Authority, larger autonomy of the Inspector Normal of Police and instituted practical specialization through separation of research from other purposes of Police. Lately the Punjab Police are engaged in counter terrorism operations in the province.

These units report to the Inspector Basic of Police via their respective Further Inspectors Common of Police. The Inspector Normal of Police is ex-officio secretary to the Government of Punjab. The Punjab Police is staffed through officers of the Punjab Police and the Police Carrier of Pakistan.

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