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Public service message for Girls are Not Week

Public service message for Girls are Not Week 

ہمارے پیج کے ایک فین نے یہ ویڈیو ہمیں بھارت سے بھیجی ہے اور بھارت سرکار نے یہ ویڈیو بھارت میں بین کر رکھی ہے

With the passage of time, world is changing. Now a days girls are treated very badly by boys. There is no respect for girls in the eyes of boys. Girls are considered as weak and are teased by boys.

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Many boys harass and molest girls by thinking that they are weak and can’t do anything for saving themselves. This is just because the girls have made themselves weak and timid. Girls need to stand up for their rights. They should tell the boys that they are not weak but can fight just like boys. The weakness of girls made the boys more powerful in front of them. This is the main reason boys use girls in a wrong way.

In many countries like India, harassment is very common. Eight women out of ten are victim of this. The world needs to change. Women should change the mind set of men by finishing their weaknesses. Those men who treat women badly and harass and molest them thinks that women are weak. They think that women will not dare to speak against them.

But when women will take serious steps against the cruelty done by men on them, the world will change. The men will then realize that the women are not weak and they can fight back. Society has to change the mind set about women. This is the actual reason why women are becoming victim of the brutality of men.

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