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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Holy Grave Revealed Watch Video

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Holy Grave Revealed Watch Video

ویڈیو دیکھیں…براہ کرم زیادہ سے زیادہ اس پیغام کو ضرور شئیر کریں

The Prophet had brought revolutions in the history of Islam (SAW). With numerous followers across Dubai, London, New York, Toronto, Istanbul, Prophet Muhammad is said to be a great and holy man. Name Mohammad “is the meaning of definition” and it appeared many times in the Quran.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Holy Grave Revealed Watch Video

The feeling is that God is the Creator, and they sent was to make the bend in front of him was filled with non Muslims.The main purpose of the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the people ( PBUH). I have no doubt in the Quran, to reduce the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was sent by God. This is the central religious text of Islam. Toronto, Istanbul, Dubai, New York and Muslims in London, every word of the Koran was sent to earth by the archangel, which was revealed by God to the Prophet, and His Holy Word represents believed Gabriel. Many have accepted the authenticity of scholars, both Muslim and non-Muslim, the Quran words. Recent studies have helped scholars distinguish between a legal affairs and traditions touching purely historical ones. Quran men were sent to the world hundreds of years ago to realize that written by the person can not be a book, are full of authentic life.

View some Western academics that they do not reject the traditions and history of Islam. Prophet Mohammad (talk about how the beautiful and powerful of 3D images of the sacred tomb of the Prophet) is a religion.

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