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Priyanka Chopra Grandmother No More

Priyanka Chopra Grandmother No More

بھارت کو مشہور ادا کار پرینکا چوپڑا وفات پا گئی پورا بھارت سوگ میں دوب گیا ویڈیو دیکھیں

Priyanka, not only in India but also in the name of elegance and style that has won the title of Miss World in the world, shares about her grandmother’s death on social media.
Priyanka Chopra Grandmother No More

It seemed that as she wrote about her grandmother who was very close to her grandmother. According to her words, she is proud of her grandmother who is a social worker during distribution. He put part of it during the war of independence and we are side by side with citizens. He is also member of her young age and the people who serve. It can be seen from the photos shared on social media died Priyanka was very close to her grandmother. This picture was celebrating her 94th birthday when her grandmother at home. They shoot a close and click the camera button. According to him, the whole family really missed him a great treasure for the whole family and for those whom he loved. People were very upset at the death of her as she was a liberator senior social worker, politician and English rule. Love and affection were unique in its essence, which can be seen in Chopra’s words.

According to him, these words came from his heart to this beautiful granny and she will miss her whole life. They also thank him for his support in her showbiz career as well.

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