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Private college Unethical Swimming Poll Summer Party

Private college Unethical Swimming Poll Summer Party    

چھوٹے اور گورنمنٹ اسکول کی نفرت میں جو لوگ بڑے فخر سے اپنے بچوں کو پرائیویٹ اسکول میں بھیجتے ہیں وہ یہ نہیں جانتے انکی اولاد کلچرل شو کے نام پر یہ گل کھلا رہی ہے

One unethical video of college students left shameful to all its watchers. Once there was a time when girls were not allowed to come out from home but now a days they come out and named it liberty. Girls come in colleges and universities and they put more attention on other activities rather than studies. Even their parents also did not notice on their activities after admitting them in colleges and universities.

Private college Unethical Swimming Poll Summer Party

Unfortunately, college students have started to follow European culture. Our educational institutes also have started to turn into those cultures. The management of educational institutes proudly tells to their visitors about the new programs which are directly related to European cultures. They even no shame while showing their European system.

Being a Muslims, we should adopt our own culture which does not have need of amendment. It is already well defined and only need to implement. Unfortunately, college students have been slaves mentally and we have started to think ourselves inferiors than European people. Actually they had sowed this element in our minds when they were ruled here.

It was their first target to feel us as we are nothing and European people and European culture is everything. College students have succeeded in it and we can see everywhere want to be look like them. We have forgotten our cultures and religion as well. They have succeeded to put it in the minds of our young generation as well. Our generation does everything which they see in the Bollywood movies and drams.

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