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Pretty Girl Broken Man’s Heart Watch Clip

Pretty Girl Broken Man’s Heart Watch Clip

If a pretty girl breaks the heart of any good-looking man, it can be observed the most painful scene. A beautiful young girl in a car park is an innocent boy in similar situation. She called him Bhai while asking the help from him. The boy remained in a state of grief and shock behind her back. She left with an innocent grace breaks his dreams.

Pretty Girl Broken Man’s Heart Watch Clip

The beautiful lady had her way and look for someone who has to lead them right to their destination. They found a young man who, in the vicinity of his car talking to his friend in a parking garage on the way Pretty girl came up with the boys. She asked them to lead her to the correct address. Both boys were amazed looking at a pretty lady in their vicinity.

The young man immediately began to dream that a friendship with her. His heart was in very fast paced game against feeling a soft and attractive lady near him. He led them right track towards the finish. He was in a hope that they him to fall there. Upon notification of the right way, left the pretty girl with a heartbreaking gesture for the boys.

Before leaving, the pretty girl thanked him by calling, Thanks Bhai. It was painful to hear the word for any young man. His heart was broken by this cruel response at the end into a thousand pieces. It was a shock and crying face with his friend in the parking lot left.

Watch Clip:

It was a funny situation to watch and enjoy the clip with some funny songs in the background. But it was a silent message for the boys and girls. All pretty girl should not act strangely to avoid in public, such as heart breaking as the expectations of a handsome man.

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