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Poor Woman Treated Unethically at Hospital Watch Clip

Poor Woman Treated Unethically at Hospital Watch Clip

Wife of a poor rickshaw driver was criminally treated at the hospital of a few employees. The tragic news was a break from television news channel last Friday. The women had come for the medical examination of her sick child along with her hospital. Instead of treating the child, the doctor met his cruel pleasure from the poor mother.

Poor Woman Treated Unethically at Hospital Watch Clip

According to reports, the news channel from the hospital, the rickshaw driver for the medical examinations of the patients sent by the doctor. He had to leave in the waiting room his child and wife. After some time, when he returned back, the child was there, but the young woman was missing from her place.

The poor rickshaw driver wanted from her woman everywhere in the hospital, but no use. It was after he removed from the doctor, her seductive injection in a separate place. The child patient in the examination room of them leave. It was the cruelest act of a doctor ever recorded anywhere.

People come themselves or take their patients to the hospital with a lot of faith in the profession of medicine. You expect them to be treated with the best possible treatment for their disease. No one can think of any behavior with him so. The report was tabled against the doctor and taken appropriate action against the persons concerned by the police.

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Every doctor commission of such a serious and cruel crimes must be punished with the most severe treatment. Any abuse of a patient, a person can not be called; such things can by an animal, although it is expected. Each hospital intended to give a palace for the cure of human disease, not about her pain.

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