Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Police Officer sensor talk Girl in Public Market

Police Officer sensor talk Girl in Public Market

A police officer was caught red handed while misbehaving with a girl on the road. The event took place at a very crowded place at the early evening last weekend.

Police Officer sensor talk Girl in Public Market

The officer who misbehaved with the girl was from Punjab Police. A group of boys has spotted the officer while treating the girl unethically. They became very angry on the behavior of the officer. The boys showed their respect for the girl and encircled the police officer. One of the boys also made the video footage of the officer while misbehaving with the girls. They took the matter to the Punjab police head office in Lahore against the officer. A complaint was launched against the officer and investigation was started at higher level.

The behavior of Punjab Police has always been a question mark for the people. Every now and then a scandal of a police officer comes in the media for misbehaving with the public. Especially during the investigation of any case, the officers treat people very rudely.

Throughout the Punjab, the police stations are a sign of terror for people instead of giving them a scene of security. The Police Officer who should be guarding the public is today making them suffer. Their behavior with people always remains weird.

Punjab Police was the best police force in the entire country. However, since last few years, because of the political influence, their behavior has changed a lot towards the common public. The higher authorities of the police should take notice of the misconducts of the police officers otherwise things will get out of control for them.

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