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Police Cathes Couples in Jinnah Park Watch Video

Police Cathes Couples in Jinnah Park Watch Video

جناح گارڈن میں کیا کچھ ہورہا ہے؟؟ حکومت اس کے خلاف کیا کر رہی ہے؟؟

When it talks about the parks, Jinnah Park is the most famous one in the history of Lahore. People use the name of Jinnah Park when they need to give reference about any famous park in Lahore. It is so old Park as there are many books in which writers also have mentioned this park in their books. It is included in the one of the biggest parks of Lahore City.

Police Cathes Couples in Jinnah Park Watch Video

People of its vicinity go in the parks for jogging and exercises and people also like to spend their time when they are free. Once when Pakistani team had no appropriate cricket ground they also used the ground of Jinnah Park for practicing. Undoubtedly, it is also situated at the most expense sight where sites have expensive rates.

One of private TV channels decided to have reporting on the current situation of Jinnah Park. They go there and watch the whole scenario and note as for what purposes Jinnah Park is being used in these days. They saw many couples there who were busy in wrongdoings. Reportedly, it is said as it is the family park but the situation seems to be reversed.

According to reports, students are also the part of those ones who come in the Jinnah Park and enjoy the atmosphere. They come there just to relax their nerves after having lot of burden of their studies. They come in the second time and go after offering prayer in the mosque. Some are also come for playing games like cricket, volleyballs and many others.

However, the one thing that has started to spoil the whole environment of Jinnah Park as some couples come here to spend time which look awkward. It seems as they just come there to enjoy and nothing else. Families who come there they often noticed that behavior of the students and also complaint to the related police station but they are unable to stop this. Sometimes, few police officers come and they controlled at some level but it does not stopped at permanent level.

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