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PML-N Supporters naughty with Female NA-122 Election Campaign

PML-N Supporters Misbehaving with Female during By-Election Campaign of NA-122 at Lahore- Shame!

Imran Khan is a relatively new figure head in the politics of Pakistan. He was a cricketer who joined politics after ending his career. He has no family background or anyone closely related to politics. On the other hand the PML-N is one of the oldest parties in the country who have a rich history. They have always contested the elections and won seats and also been the biggest majority in many eras.

PML-N Supporters naughty with Female NA-122 Election Campaign

The supporters of the party are loyal beyond any doubt and they will not leave a stone unturned for their leader. When Imran Khan protested against the rigging in Islamabad in a new way with music and dance to support the movement, PML-N called them names and dancers and accused them of doing stuff which is immoral and unethical. All over the country, the leaders of PML-N called a ban on PTI and their ways of playing politics but what are the workers and the party of PML-N doing themselves? This video here clearly shows that there is no difference between the workers as all of them are people who want to play the blame game.


The video here is of the after party when Ayaz Sadiw won the elections of NA-122 against Aleem Khan. The workers rejoiced like anything but the crossed all limits. The video shows how a young girl is sitting on top of a Land Cruiser and how she dances and moves around to please the workers of PML-N. She is wearing inappropriate clothes for any occasion and is sitting shamelessly around more than 50 men where all of this is being captured. These are the people who cried over the meagre use of Music in rallies and events of PTI? When they parade on the streets with almost half naked women and show it to the world how we celebrate and how much importance we give to women.

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