Friday , 20 October 2017
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PML-N Funny Video of Panama Leaks Case

PML-N Funny Video of Panama Leaks Case

Is the PML-N government gearing up to expose names of political-business elite, including some towering opposition figures too, through Swiss Leaks – more authentic and officially verified in comparison to Panama Leaks.

Theoretically, by the end of this year or early next year, in case all goes well, big-wig politicians, bureaucrats, retired generals, businessmen having stashed away US $ 80-200 billion in the Swiss banks would stand exposed? Practically, the whole thing has to pass the test of bitter-ground reality sadly gripping our system of governance for decades now.

A scam, Swiss Leaks, may potentially be more lethal than Panama Papers in terms of volume, impact and undeniable hard evidence too.  This lands us with a pertinent question: is the government really serious, as stated by the PML-N government’s effective second in command, finance Czar, Ishaq Dar? Or the matter would be postponed, hushed up, courtesy political expediency.

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