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PK Funny Barber touching Scene, PK Movie Comedy Video Scene

Very funny and entertainment in this video. Aamir Kkan film PK – PK Making Of – The Fat Barber – Takes 12 for Fat Barber Scene – HD – Best Comedy video scene [2014]

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Description: In this video Making of ‘PK’, a look at the fun on the set when Aamir Khan pulls the pants by Ajay narwhal (who plays the fat barber in the film). Director Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir receivables trying to control his laughter makes the whole experience more fun.

Aamir Khan’s upcoming film Mr.Perfectionist PK shoot behind the scenes revealed. Check out this video to learn more.

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There are spoilers ahead if you have not seen PK you come to this article later.

Since the first poster of the film came out, speculation about Aamir Khan plays the aliens in PK began the round. Yes, the alien aka PK ends up in a spaceship, like a cloud covered. Saucer like ears and eyes like headlights, the character of the adorable characters in the film. But not many would have noticed that PK is not blinking his eyes through the entire film. PK calls, cries and eats with his eyes wide open.


It’s not just his expressions that make it different, but the alien has a ‘Jugaad’ to cover his otherwise naked body. He gets his clothes off dancing cars in the film. He simply lifts the clothes of the cars of people who are too busy, out. Dressed in bright colors and faded jeans, looks PK much as “gola wala ‘(earth reident.) But what is this whole concept interesting is the fact that film constume Designer Manoshi Nath and Ruchi Sharma not buy or design clothes for the film. They asked people simply their clothes by giving them bizarre stories. Thus, the clothes, the PK is seen wearing collected randomly in the film of people.

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