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Pilgrims Saw Khana Kaaba Miracle on Sky during Tawaaf

Pilgrims Saw Khana Kaaba Miracle on Sky during Tawaaf
طواف کے دوران کل شام کعبہ کے اوپر آسمان پر حیران کن معجزہ، ایمان افروز ویڈیو دیکھیں

Pilgrims in Saudi Arabia has found strange creature during Tawaf in Kaaba last weekend evening. He further noticed they all were amazed at once when they saw one thing behind them. Reportedly, they all were making photos by their cameras when they noticed one human shaped creature. They noticed as one curious and strange creature was flying above Kaaba that Day.

Pilgrims Saw Khana Kaaba Miracle on Sky during Tawaaf

Everyone was amazed to share it as they also got successful to make his photo unknowingly. They were all amazed and astonished after watching that creature. According to him, all of his friends were agreed as they have never noticed such creature before in their lives. They were badly shocked and could not have his view again. It was the time evening prayers when she did this and at the right time of placing the book at shelves, it got some jerk.

Her other books in her hands were on the floor and she started to move like something was shaking her badly. She abruptly on the floor and had the same condition. Another female was also there and noticing the whole behavior of that female. She forwarded towards her. When she touched her she was also on the ground as she pushed her badly. She again started to cry very badly as something had got control at her body. Her voice also had been changed and it looked like as male person was speaking from inside her.

They also tried to find out that creature but they got failed. When they shared their experience with their friends after returning from trip, they also got the same news from that place. Some of his friends also had trip of that place and they also told them about the same creature at back gate point. However, this thing put them in this thought as someone is present in this world that is running to this world with His own orders.

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