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PIA Staff is Treating Old Man Very Badly

What Happened With This Old Man In PIA Premier Flight From London

پی آئی اے کے عملے کی بدمعاشی اس بزرگ کے ساتھ کیا کیا؟

With a revamped livery, dapper new crew uniforms and an expansive in-flight entertainment system with 250 channels, the impressive customer reviews Premier received came as no surprise.

Not all PIA customers treat the service as ‘special’ though. In photos shared by PIA spokesperson Danyal Gilani, the inside of a Premier plane looks like a war zone on its arrival in London from Islamabad on Wednesday.

The floor is strewn with a variety of litter — food crumbs, cups and even a pillow with wool sticking out. Moreover, according to Gilani, some customers admired the lotions in the airplane lavatory a little too much: they sneaked off the plane with two full bottles.

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