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Pervez Musharraf dance with wife in USA

Pervez Musharraf dance with wife in USA

انڈیا کی بجانے کے بعد امریکا میں پرویز مشرف کی اپنی بیوی کے ساتھ ڈانس کی ویڈیو انٹرنیٹ پر وائرل ہوگئی،لاکھوں لوگوں نے ابتک دیکھ لی،

There are some moments captured of Pervez Musharraf with his wife when they were Amusing on the floor in USA. Couple looked very happy when camera targeted on both and both had no intention of the world and engrossed in their beautiful activity.


It looked like as they had gotten this atmosphere after decades as they were Amusing on the floor and had become rock in USA. Other people were busy to clap or to save these moments of Pervez Musharraf in their mobiles. On the other hand, Pervez Musharraf also had no idea as they were both being captured in the mobiles of participants.

Ex-President of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff, Pervez Musharraf was found Amusing with his wife in one of personal party in USA. Both were deeply engrossed in Amusing when camera showed them and both husband and wife were Amusing. Couple was really looked very beautiful and it looked as both had got this chance after decades.

Other participants were enjoying the unique aspect while they were seeing ex-President of Pakistan with his wife Amusing on the floor. Some were clapping and others were busy to make video and capturing very unique moments of Pervez Musharraf’s life. He was looking very happy with his wife and his wife also was giving full response on his different steps. They also made some salsa Amusing during the floor Amusing.

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