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Perform Hajj Rare pictures of 1938 Hajj

Perform Hajj Rare pictures of 1938 Hajj

Muslims people are always looked very curious to know about their religion especially when it talks about Hajj. According to Islam, every Muslim is required to perform Hajj in his life once if he has power to reach at Allah’s house. However, he did not have power to reach there then it would no matter in the Day of Judgment.


Some people are found very curious to find some old pictures of Hajj which were taken in old 70s, 60s and even in 50s. Now, we have some pictures of Hajj which belong to 1938 and very rare for our viewers. People would find very old things in these pictures in which you can have very old view of Kaaba which is very unique for our visitors.

According to the Islamic Law and Quran, any non-Muslim is not allowed to enter the Holly cities of Makkah and Madinah. It was also not sure that people seen in the video were from which country and which ethnic group. However, one can only say that the pictures and people seen in the video were all Muslims. In those days, it was very difficult for propel to travel.

Despite all the bad weather and difficult travelling conditions, Muslims from everywhere in the world were used to come to Saudi Arabia. Mostly People were used to travel on ships. A very handful people were able to use the Train as well.

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