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People are facing inhuman conditions in Syria

People are facing inhuman conditions in Syria

لعنتی ISIS نے درندگی کی ساری حدیں پار کردیں؛ کس طرح معصوم بچوں کو جلا ڈالا؛ کمزور دل ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

People are facing inhuman conditions in Syria when they are put in the cage. The Heart Less and tyrant rulers in Syria are spreading in the whole world and people are cursing them. Actually from last two years, the Muslim country Syria has been captured by some so called Muslims who have started to carry out tyrant activities. They are pointing out to only single sector in Syria that is called Shia sector.

People are facing inhuman conditions in Syria

According to different news agencies which are working in Syria, they describe about Heart Less acts of those people. According to them, they have no piety in themselves and only want to know how to get life of a human. Actually those people who are ruling on Syria do not belong to any Muslim sector or anything else.

They are only well prepared people by different non-Muslim forces who want to destabilize to Muslims countries. Those forces are also trying to all well-known and well economic Muslim countries. They wanted to feeble all Muslim countries so that Muslim cannot come before them. They firstly created fuss condition in Egypt and then in Syria.

Before this, they attacked on Afghanistan to disturb Pakistan because they always feel insecure from Pakistan due to its Atomic Power ability. They further attacked on Iraq by naming some false allegations which were not proved true later. Even the Prime Minister of UK also has said sorry to all its allies and its nation as they were wrong in Iraq war.

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