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PEMRA Banned Aamir Liaquat Inam Ghar Video Viral

PEMRA Banned Aamir Liaquat Inam Ghar Video Viral

کیا یہی وہ ویڈیو ہے جس کی وجہ سے پیمرا نے عامر لیاقت کے شو انعام گھر پر پابندی لگائی ہے ؟؟ ویڈیو دیکھیں

Pakistan seek an amnesty for perpetrators of violations of Pkaistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) If the ordered suspension of the live entertainment program, prize for three days on Monday and the program’s host Amir I asked.
PEMRA Banned Aamir Liaquat Inam Ghar Video Viral

June 14 to win prizes channel administration issued a show cause notice. PEMRA Council in reviewing complaints from service of notice to Geo Entertainment held a meeting in Karachi. Council members also saw a clip from that show aggressive comment from a female caller award event Ghar broadcast June 25. A member has the potential sticking a pole in the meeting and shared a clip seen a number of details. The Geo Entertainment program file to 15 days of receiving hundreds of complaints of retaliation in response. That further action will be discussed after the presentation defined by Geo Entertainment channel listening position, the Council said immediately directed to submit the reply after Eid.

Health authorities, often after a recommendation by the complaints council, under 27, a personal initially started the Geo Entertainment did not show ‘prize 28 Jun 30 the program host Amir issuance program to apologize for July 01.

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